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Vol 3 (2017) In medias res, A Moment of Silence Abstract   PDF
Justin A. Joyce
Vol 1 (2015) After Decolonization, After Civil Rights: Chinua Achebe and James Baldwin Abstract   PDF
Bill Schwarz
Vol 1 (2015) Baltimore is Still Burning: the Rising Relevance of James Baldwin Abstract   PDF
Justin A. Joyce, Douglas Field, Dwight A. McBride
Vol 3 (2017) Disturbing the Peace of “Two Not So Very Different” Countries: James Baldwin and Fritz Raddatz Abstract   PDF
Gianna Zocco
Vol 3 (2017) Errant Kinship, Traveling Song: James Baldwin’s Just Above My Head Abstract   PDF
Jenny M. James
Vol 1 (2015) Evoking Baldwin’s Blues: The Experience of Dislocated Listening Abstract   PDF   Multi-Media
Rashida K. Braggs
Vol 1 (2015) Exploring Baldwin in Montpellier: The 2014 “James Baldwin: Transatlantic Commuter” Conference Abstract   PDF
John Keene
Vol 1 (2015) Going to Meet James Baldwin in Provence Abstract   PDF
D. Quentin Miller
Vol 2 (2016) I've Got a Testimony: James Baldwin and the Broken Silences of Black Queer Men Abstract   PDF
McKinley E Melton
Vol 1 (2015) James Baldwin and the Question of Privacy: A Roundtable Conversation at the 2014 American Studies Convention Abstract   PDF
Brian Norman, Aliyyah I. Abdur-Rahman, John E. Drabinski, Julius Fleming, Nigel Hatton, Dagmawi Woubshet, Magdalena Zaborowska
Vol 3 (2017) James Baldwin, Lionel Trilling, American Studies, and the Freudian Tragic Abstract   PDF
Jay Garcia
Vol 2 (2016) James Baldwin: Biographical Dispatches on a Freedom Writer Abstract   PDF
Phillip Luke Sinitiere
Vol 1 (2015) James Baldwin: Voyages in Search of Love Abstract   PDF
David Leeming
Vol 2 (2016) Jimmy’s Songs: Listening over James Baldwin’s Shoulder Abstract   PDF
Ed Pavlić
Vol 2 (2016) Lorem Ipsum Paris Abstract   PDF
Justin A Joyce, Douglas Field, Dwight A McBride
Vol 2 (2016) Possessing History and American Innocence: James Baldwin, William F. Buckley, Jr., and the 1965 Cambridge Debate Abstract   PDF
Daniel Robert McClure
Vol 1 (2015) Prophecy and Doubt in Just Above My Head Abstract   PDF
Christopher Z. Hobson
Vol 3 (2017) Queering I Am Not Your Negro: or Why We Need James Baldwin More Than Ever Abstract   PDF
Robert J. Corber
Vol 1 (2015) Reading and Theorizing James Baldwin: A Bibliographic Essay Abstract   PDF
Conseula Francis
Vol 2 (2016) Relatively Conscious: The Enduring Rage of Baldwin and the Education of a White Southern Baptist Queer Abstract   PDF
Jon-Marc McDonald
Vol 3 (2017) Remembering Sedat Pakay 1945–2016 Abstract   PDF
David Leeming, Magdalena J. Zaborowska
Vol 1 (2015) Review of New York City’s “The Year of Baldwin” Abstract   PDF
Michele Elam
Vol 3 (2017) "Something Unspeakable": James Baldwin and the "Closeted-ness" of American Power Abstract   PDF
David Jones
Vol 1 (2015) Sonny in the Dark: Jazzing the Blues Spirit and the Gospel Truth in James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues” Abstract   PDF   Multi-Media
Steven C. Tracy
Vol 3 (2017) The Process of Writing a Book about Baldwin’s Self-Exile in Saint-Paul de Vence Abstract   PDF
Jules B. Farber
Vol 2 (2016) The Public James Baldwin Abstract   PDF
Herb Boyd
Vol 2 (2016) The Struggle of Integration: James Baldwin and Melanie Klein in the Context of Black Lives Matter Abstract   PDF
David W McIvor
Vol 2 (2016) The Uses of Race and Religion: James Baldwin’s Pragmatist Politics in The Fire Next Time Abstract   PDF
Courtney D Ferriter
Vol 3 (2017) Time to Tell Abstract   PDF
Dennis Ray Knight Jr.
Vol 2 (2016) Trends in James Baldwin Criticism 2001–10 Abstract   PDF
Lynn Orilla Scott
Vol 3 (2017) Trends in James Baldwin Criticism 2010–13 Abstract   PDF
D.Quentin Miller
Vol 2 (2016) Watching Time: James Baldwin and Malcolm X Abstract   PDF
Mikko Tuhkanen
Vol 1 (2015) “But Amen is the Price:” James Baldwin and Ray Charles in “The Hallelujah Chorus” Abstract   PDF
Ed Pavlić
Vol 3 (2017) “Esther Weren’t No Harlot”: Rape and Marriage in Go Tell It on the Mountain Abstract   PDF
Porter Nenon
Vol 3 (2017) “He Gave Me the Words”: An Interview with Raoul Peck Abstract   PDF
Leah Mirakhor
Vol 1 (2015) “Here Be Dragons:” The Tyranny of the Cityscape in James Baldwin’s Intimate Cartographies Abstract   PDF
Emma Cleary
Vol 1 (2015) “I’m Trying to be as Honest as I Can:” An Interview with James Baldwin (1969) Abstract   PDF
Rich Blint, Nazar Büyüm
Vol 2 (2016) “To Crush the Serpent”: James Baldwin, the Religious Right, and the Moral Minority Abstract   PDF
Joseph Vogel
Vol 3 (2017) “Who’s the Nigger Now?”: Rhetoric and Identity in James Baldwin’s Revolution from Within Abstract   PDF
Davis W. Houck
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